Hackers control personal data of more than 750k Frontier customers

  • Data of more than 750,000 Frontier customers has been hacked
  • The company is offering to pay for credit monitoring and identify theft resolution services
  • A cybersecurity news outlet says the hacker group RansomHub is responsible

Customers of Frontier Communications have received one of those lovely notification letters, alerting them that some of their personal information has been accessed by hackers during a recent cybersecurity breach that affected 751,895 customers.

Frontier says that on April 13 some data in its IT systems was breached, and it noticed the hacking on April 14.

The company filed an SEC statement about the event on April 15.

The SEC statement says that upon detection, Frontier initiated its previously established cyber incident response protocols and took measures to contain the incident. This included shutting down certain of the company’s systems, which resulted in an operational disruption.

“Based on the Company’s investigation, it has determined that the third party was likely a cybercrime group, which gained access to, among other information, personally identifiable information,” stated Frontier in the SEC statement.

In the June 6 letter to customers Frontier wrote, “Based on our investigation, we do not believe your personal financial information was affected.

“We have notified law enforcement and applicable regulatory authorities,” stated the letter. “We are offering you free credit monitoring and identify theft resolution services for one year through Kroll to help protect your information.”

According to Bleeping Computer, the security attack was made by RansomHub. The news outlet posted a screenshot from the dark web, showing that RansomHub says it has data from 2 million Frontier customers, including name, email, social security, credit score, date of birth and phone number. The blackmailer group is giving Frontier until June 14 to pay their demands or it will sell the data to the highest bidder, according to Bleeping Computer.

Despite its cybersecurity problems, Frontier recently announced it has garnered an additional $750 million in asset-backed security (ASB) funding. ABS is a type of financial investment that uses income-generating assets as collateral and is an alternative to other ways of raising capital.