Podcast: Florida-based Wire 3 talks fiber evolution and 10-gig rollouts

The fiber ecosystem is quickly expanding, and traditional ISPs are seeing a wide array of players entering at a local and regional level to provide services for communities, businesses and homes. Wire 3 is a new entrant in Florida, quickly expanding its network and providing a competitive service to a growing number of customers.

Fierce Telecom’s senior editor, Diana Goovaerts, chatted with Wire 3, a new entrant in Florida looking to deploy fiber networks to underserved areas. The conversation focused on their journey from a flat-footed start in January securing funding, to lighting up in two neighborhoods in a matter of 6 months, as well as their growth plans. Jai and Jason also discuss the future of fiber roll-outs and their strategy to start from 10 Gbps from day one, technology evolution, and their ambitious plans to expand their footprint.

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