T-Mobile now offers fiber broadband in 13 markets

T-Mobile is making steady progress with its initiative to offer fiber internet service. It’s now selling fiber service in 13 markets, according to the “availability” tab on its T-Fiber website.

Fierce Telecom reached out to T-Mobile, and the company named the fiber providers it’s working with in each market.

  • Tillman FiberCo — In Pinellas County and Polk County, Florida;
  • Intrepid Fiber Networks — In Pueblo and Northglenn, Colorado; and in Bloomington, St. Cloud/Sauk Rapids, and Eden Prairie, Minnesota; 
  • SiFi Networks — In Kenosha, Wisconsin; Rockford, Illinois; Farmington Area, Michigan; and in Oceanside and Palmdale, California;
  • Pilot Fiber — In New York City.

Fierce Wireless has previously reported that T-Mobile was working with Intrepid Fiber and Pilot Fiber.

And Fierce Telecom has been keeping tabs on T-Mobile’s newest markets, reporting that T-Mobile was working with Tillman in Florida and SiFi Networks in Michigan.

But today's news is just how many markets T-Mobile continues to light up.

The wireless carrier seems to prefer working with providers who build open-access networks. These networks are deployed by one company and then leased to multiple internet service providers, which can then offer broadband service to end customers.

According to T-Mobile’s website, it offers symmetrical speed tiers up to 2 Gbps. The speed tiers and prices vary based on the specific location. All of its plans include a Wi-Fi 6 router.

**Fierce Wireless Executive Editor Monica Alleven contributed to this report.