Windstream’s Kinetic Fiber trots out 2-gig broadband service

Windstream became the latest operator to jump on the multi-gig bandwagon, rolling out a 2 Gbps offering for Kinetic Fiber customers in select residential markets.

The company currently offers its fiber service in more than 150 markets across 18 states. A Windstream representative told Fierce 2-gig speeds will initially be available in five markets, with availability in additional locations set to follow later this year as the operator continues its fiber expansion.

While it did not name the cities where service is available Kinetic’s VP of Product Mark Lederman said in a statement “many of our competitors are overlooking these markets.” He added “As more homes have more devices connected to the internet, from gaming systems to streaming movies to refrigerators, families need faster speed to accommodate the demand.”

Fierce previously reported about Windstream’s planned 2-gig launch in January. It is unclear just how quickly it will expand the offer, but the company has said it plans to run fiber to 400,000 new locations this year as part of a five-year, $2 billion expansion project.

As of the end of 2021, Windstream’s fiber-based gigabit services were available to a total of 1.1 million locations, or around 20% of its footprint.

Windstream’s move follows similar plays from AT&T, Frontier Communications, GCI, Google Fiber, TDS Telecom, Verizon and Ziply Fiber, which have all launched 2-gig services. Some, including AT&T and Ziply have debuted 5-gig tiers as well, while others like GCI and Wire 3 are pushing to offer 10-gig service. Altice USA and Lumen Technologies are also eyeing multi-gig rollouts.

The operator’s new product, though, is priced slightly higher than similar offers from rivals. Windstream’s 2-gig service runs $185 per month (with a 12-month promotional price of $169.99 currently available). AT&T’s 2-gig offer costs $110 per month, Ziply’s is priced at $120 and Frontier’s is $149.99.