Boeing taps AWS to enhance its cloud strategy

Boeing has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) as one of the providers to revamp its existing cloud operations. The partnership allows Boeing to make use of AWS’ scalable high performance computing infrastructure.

AWS will power new and existing Boeing digital applications, allowing the aerospace company to promote more efficient operations. Boeing will migrate applications out of on-premises data centers to AWS, strengthening its engineering and manufacturing processes.

Aside from AWS, Boeing negotiated cloud management deals with Microsoft and Google. Boeing has already worked with all three companies on a limited basis, Bloomberg reported, and wants to avoid disrupting existing cloud-supported products by keeping all three on board. It has yet to disclose the financial terms of the multi-year agreements.

“Our work with AWS will help us advance Boeing’s people, products and services by enabling everyone with the latest tools, technology and expertise,” said Susan Doniz, Boeing’s CIO and SVP of information technology and data analytics, in a statement. She added Boeing’s cloud strategy “removes infrastructure restraints, allowing for more ownership within teams, simplifies our processes and creates easier and more secure access to information."

Boeing recorded over $2 billion revenue in 2021 from e-commerce parts sales, touting its successful digital solutions.

The Boeing partnership is a big win for AWS, as the cloud company expands on a domestic and global scale. Amazon announced in February it has completed initial rollout of 16 AWS Local Zones in the U.S., with plans to launch more Local Zones throughout 26 countries over the next two years. It boasts Netflix, Fox Corporation and other companies as Local Zone users.

Amazon and Boeing’s collaboration extends beyond cloud infrastructure. Amazon Air operates over 110 Boeing aircraft, delivering goods to customers worldwide.

Matt Garman, SVP of sales and marketing at AWS, said the two companies are working together to “deliver more powerful, sustainable, and efficient aerospace design, engineering and management solutions.” He added “AWS’ proven cloud infrastructure and deep portfolio of services allow Boeing to create new solutions for its global customers and suppliers that will increase innovation and adaptability to enhance the movement of people and goods around the world.

AWS hit a $71 billion run rate in Q4 2021, its net sales increasing by $17.8 billion year-to-year.