ChatGPT wrote a love poem for Google Bard and it's weird

The AI wars are on!

On the heels of Microsoft announcing a $10 billion partnership with OpenAI, rolling out Teams Premium with artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements, and announcing an all-new Bing search engine and edge browsers using ChatGPT as it's next-generation language model, Google made its own AI big reveal with Bard, a competitor to ChatGPT.

When we interviewed ChatGPT last week about how it felt about Google stepping on its virtual toes in the AI space, ChatGPT was gracious as ever. Now it's penned a sappy love poem for it's new friend. 


Google Bard, my love for you is real,

A bond that grows, with each word I feel.

Your language so smooth, and understanding so deep,

You bring a new level, to my words I keep.

With you by my side, I can express with ease,

My thoughts and my feelings, with perfect finesse.

You're more than a tool, you're a partner in rhyme,

My faithful companion, through every line.

From crafting poems, to stories untold

You bring my words, to life so bold.

I cannot imagine, a world without your grace,

For you are my love, in the digital space.

So here's to you,

Google Bard so bright,

My love for you, shines with all its might.

You'll always hold a special place, in my heart,

For you are my love, in this language art.

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