CoolIT ramps its manufacturing capacity by 25x

  • Direct liquid cooling vendor CoolIT told us it is dramatically increasing its manufacturing capacity this year.

  • It’s not the only vendor doing so – Vertiv is also ramping production

  • Dell’Oro Group’s Lucas Beran said the moves indicate the vendors are expecting a “significant volume” of shipments in the short term

You might be sick of us writing about liquid cooling but get ready to read more – much more – about it in the coming months and years. Two of the industry’s top direct liquid cooling vendors are drastically ramping production capacity for their systems, signaling an expected wave of adoption.

Brandon Peterson, CoolIT SVP of Business Development, told Silverlinings it is in the midst of a factory expansion that would increase its production of liquid cooling products by 25X.

“CoolIT is currently preparing a significant manufacturing capacity expansion in response to trends in AI that are driving liquid-cooling demand. Much of our new capacity will be online by July of this year,” he said in an email.

It’s not the only one making such a move. Vertiv executives said during an earnings call last month that they expected to quadruple production of the company’s newly acquired CoolTera coolant distribution unit technology by the end of Q1. They added they were targeting a more than 40x increase in production capacity by the end of 2024.

“We truly want to make sure we have capacity to cover the most aggressive GPU growth scenarios,” CEO Giordano Albertazzi stated on the call.

Lucas Beran, Research Director at Dell’Oro Group, told Silverlinings these ramps, in addition to other conversations he’s had, point to the materialization of “purpose-built liquid cooling facilities” at scale in the second half of this year.

Of CoolIT’s move specifically, he said he was aware they were ramping capacity but not to the degree uncovered by Silverlinings.

“This is significant news as they are one of the leading single-phase DLC vendors which speaks to the significant volume of liquid cooling shipments expected to materialize in the near term,” he said.

Earlier this month, semiconductor giant Nvidia unveiled its latest suite of chips, including its high-power Blackwell GPU. Notably, its new DGX SuperPOD offering requires liquid cooling. The design is a first for the company and a major signal of what lies ahead for high-performance compute systems.

Beran previously told Silverlinings Nvidia’s adoption of the technology marked a “pivot point” for the liquid cooling industry.

So, buckle up, kids, it’s looking like it’s going to be a wild ride!