Marvell takes it to the data center with 800 Gbps DSP for pluggable modules

Marvell is aiming to take a lead on competitors, cranking out what it claims is the industry’s first coherent 800 Gbps digital signal processing (DSP) for pluggable modules, aimed at doubling the bandwidth over current DSPs for hyperscale providers (HCPs) and carriers.

The new Orion DSP module, built at 5 nanometers, is aimed at reducing total cost of ownership for carriers and cloud providers.

Samuel Liu, senior director, product line marketing at Marvell told Silverlinings that the Orion DSP increased the performance of pluggable modules, enabling metro network connections at up to 500 kilometers with double the bandwidth of current modules.

“The 800 gig solution is the only one available now,” Liu said. He described 400 Gbps as “traditional in the industry” now and called the 800 Gbps module the “coming generation”, until 1600 Gbps modules arrive in a few years.

Marvell is now on its third generation of cloud data center interconnect modules, having already widely deployed 100 Gbps and 400 Gbps modules in data centers.

“You typically see another 30% cost and power reduction...from generation to generation,” said Josef Berger, AVP of marketing at Marvell.

The ability to combine large distances covered with a small form factor is unique.“You can fit 36 of these in one rack unit,” Berger noted.

Marvell’s rivals in this space include Cisco, Ciena and Juniper.