Fierce Education Spotlight: Sean Michael Morris, Course Hero

Fierce Education Head of Content Elliot Markowitz recently spoke with Sean Michael Morris, VP, Academics at Course Hero, regarding the current state of the higher education market and what challenges still remain adjusting to this blended learning environment. Course Hero is an education technology website company, which operates an online learning platform for students to access course-specific study resources.

During the interview, Morris discussed:

  • The biggest challenges he sees in student engagement as higher education institutions continue to move towards a blended learning environment.
  • Are colleges and universities are on the right track in terms of their curriculum to meet the accessibility needs of those students wanted a hybrid learning approach?
  • Encouraging things universities doing and some areas you feel still improvement.
  • How Course Hero works with higher education facilities to help them meet the every changing and more demanding student needs.

Course Hero is also a diamond sponsor for Fierce Education’s “Higher Education: Helping Faculty Navigate Top Challenges in this New Blended Learning Environment” virtual event on February 23.