Increasing the Instructor Pipeline: Jenny Jordan, TeachStart

In this episode, Jenny Jordan, Executive Director of TeachStart, discusses the jaw dropping stats and stories of the teacher shortage challenge in the United States. She also talks about how to increase the instructor pipeline with Geordie Hyland, President and CEO of American College of Education (ACE), and host Dr. Joe Sallustio, Senior Vice President-Global, Lindenwood University.

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Jordan is the Executive Director of TeachStart. She excels at leading high-performance teams and helping schools to grow and succeed.

Her professional experience includes COO for Teach For America’s Bay Area region, the launch of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation’s education giving area, and the expansion of Brooke Charter Schools and Aspire Public Schools. She is passionate about spearheading a solution to America’s teaching crisis with TeachStart.

Jordan received her B.A. from Harvard University and her M.B.A. M.Ed. from Stanford University.

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