Singtel and Hitachi Digital to develop Industrial AI solutions

  • Hitachi Digital will deploy Singtel’s Paragon platform at its R&D lab, followed by a pilot in a U.S. factory

  • Singtel’s Paragon platform will be integrated with Hitachi’s pre-built industrial AI applications to develop new offerings for enterprises

  • Telcos around the world, are trying to develop new use cases for the enterprise segment

Singaporean service provider Singtel and Hitachi Digital have collaborated to bring together their 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) applications for Industry 4.0 solutions. 

As part of the collaboration, Hitachi Digital will deploy Paragon at the Hitachi Americas’ Research and Development (R&D) Labs in Santa Clara, followed by a pilot in a U.S. factory for Industry 4.0 use cases.

“The pilot will aim to validate the interoperability of Hitachi AI applications on quality assurance, workplace safety, immersive training and pre-emptive maintenance on Paragon,” according to a press release about the partnership. The trial will seek to integrate Paragon with Hitachi industry cloud applications and digital services.

Hitachi’s pre-built industrial AI applications, combined with the Paragon platform’s network and multi-cloud orchestration capabilities, will be used to create new offerings that enable enterprises to accelerate their cloud operations. Once these offerings are developed, Hitachi Digital Services will go to market as a Singtel Paragon authorized System Integrator.

“Integrating Hitachi’s advanced AI applications with Paragon’s ecosystem will enhance our suite of solutions for manufacturing enterprises and enable them to seamlessly transform their operations powered by AI,” said Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel’s Digital InfraCo.

“Hitachi has invested heavily in combining decades of digital, data, cloud, AI, cybersecurity, and connectivity expertise to establish transformative solutions for Industry Cloud deployments,” said Frank Antonysamy, chief growth officer, Hitachi Digital. “We anticipate that this partnership with Singtel will enable us to once again increase the capabilities of next-gen technologies in enterprise environments, enabling a new level of productivity for customers."

The press release noted that the organizations struggle with private 5G and the new AI solutions have added to the complexity. Singtel’s enterprise edge-networking orchestration platform combined with Hitachi’s ready-made industrial AI and analytics solutions plans to bring down the complexity and thereby boost the adoption of AI-powered Industry 4.0 solutions.

Singtel launched Paragon two years ago to enable enterprises to “reduce the complexity and time needed in adopting 5G, edge computing and low latency applications and services lowering the barriers to entry for enterprises.” It allows enterprises to use Singtel’s 5G network to activate network slices on demand, deploy applications on its multi-access edge compute (MEC) and access partner applications.

The collaboration between Singtel and Hitachi will help develop new offerings that will enable enterprises to enhance and accelerate their cloud operations.

Telcos around the world, are trying to develop new use cases for the enterprise segment to grow their revenue as voice and data services to retail consumers stagnate. New technologies, like 5G and AI, are opening new and exciting opportunities for service providers to develop solutions and use cases for businesses.