The Art & Science of Building the Right Applicant Pool

Do you target the right students, at the right time, with the right communications for maximum impact?

The strategy you use today for managing recruitment and marketing resources is your first step toward recruiting a class of qualified, best-fit students and meeting your enrollment goals. Are you relying on hindsight from last year’s data to make guesses about this year’s recruitment numbers? Are you sending the same marketing materials to all prospects in your pipeline? There’s a better way!

Don’t rely on one-size-fits-all marketing strategies to build your applicant pool. Instead, use targeted recruitment efforts to engage students whose likelihood of applying to your institution will be positively influenced. Here are a few tools that can help:

  • The Art: Marketing best practices, including variable print and omni-channel marketing, allow you to connect with prospective students by focusing on what is most relevant to them.
  • The Science: Predictive and prescriptive analytics offer foresight when optimizing limited recruitment resources.

Join Liaison to learn how institutions are developing highly personalized marketing materials, using advanced analytics to decide which students receive which communications, building effective travel plans, targeting the right students to attend on-campus programs, and more.