Eight Ways to Save Energy & Reduce Costs on Campus

In an Honorlock blog, Tyler Stike writes about eight different ways to save energy and reduce costs on campus. 

1. Consolidate Buildings: Use fewer buildings and floors to reduce costs of heating, cooling, electricity and water.

2. Maintain Equipment: Assess HVAC, use LED lights, weatherize doors and windows.

3. Use Smart Technologies: Smart thermostats and lighting save energy by automatically adjusting to real-time info like weather and time.

4. Reduce Commuting: Encourage carpooling and only commuting when necessary.

5. More Digital, Less Paper: Use digital resources unless it’s an absolute must. You can share any resources in a number of ways, like email and LMS communication tools.

6. Create Awareness: Communicate your plan with students, staff and faculty. Explain your goals, plans, why it’s important and how they can help.

7. Set Goals and Track Progress: Set clear, realistic energy reductions goals and develop a timeline.

8. Build a Sustainable Culture: By creating awareness, taking action and sharing results, you can help create a campus that improves and maintains sustainability. 

Tyler Stike has over a decade of experience in ed tech and higher education. He focuses on creating relevant and useful content for educators, institutions, and technologists.