MWC: Orange Business sheds light on Project Sylva, an effort to build an open source telco cloud framework

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona — Orange is just one of the major European operators involved in a collaborative effort called Project Sylva, which aims to build an open source telco cloud framework that can help telcos move their operators to the cloud. 

While most operators around the globe have moved their business applications to the cloud, moving network operations to the cloud is slow-going due to the complexity of technical and regulatory challenges.

Project Sylva is the first project by the Linux Foundation Europe. Five European carriers (Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Orange, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom) and two vendors (Ericsson and Nokia) form the Sylva project. Their goal is to build on top of existing open source projects to provide implementations and extensions, according to an announcement about the project.

During an interview with Silverlinings, Orange Business CTO Philippe Ensarguet, gave an overview of the project and an update on where things stand.

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