Podcast: Lunch Ladies News Wrap - Google Cloud Next, Ciena's sweet earnings and GE

Silverlinings' Lunch Ladies Elizabeth Coyne and Diana Goovaerts dish out a recap of this week's biggest headlines, covering the latest from Google Cloud Next in San Francisco, Ciena's Q3 earnings success, a GenAI recipe-maker tool from GE, the partnership between Cisco and Nutanix and more. Plus, Diana once again willingly embarrasses herself with story about ... cat videos.

Here's a handy guide to the chat:

00:02 Introduction
00:35 Diana serves up an intro on Google Cloud Next in San Francisco.
00:46 Liz shares an appetizer on Google Cloud's new partnership with GE for a GenAI recipe tool called Flavorly.
1:46 Diana dives into an overview of Google Cloud Next 2023, including the hyperscaler's launch of Vertex AI and Duet AI.
2:35 Diana discusses the networking news from the show including data migration.
3:25 Liz and Diana discuss Vertex AI again.
4:23 Liz talks about Ciena's Q3 standout earnings.
5:47 Diana shares a sneak peek into next week's interview with Matt Ferrari, Head of MarTec, data and machine learning at Wayfair.
7:59 Liz briefly discusses the Cisco-Nutanix partnership and its timing with the closing of the Broadcom-VMware merger.
8:30 Next week's publishing line-up.
9:10 Diana's embarrassing cat video story.
10:40 Closing credits*

*Ed. note. Please excuse slight echos in this week's episode. Our sound engineer is on vacation. 🏖️

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