Video: Futurist Shawn DuBravac reveals what he thinks is next for cloud

Futurist Shawn DuBravac, Ph.D., CPA, has his eye on what's happening with technologies like cloud, 5G, sensors and connectivity and their impact on enterprise, especially when it comes to today's explosion of data. 

Dr. DuBravac spoke with Stephen M Saunders MBE, founder of Silverlinings, at the EWG Intermodal Terminal in Fényeslitke, Hungary, which worked with Huawei to build out a private 5G network powerful enough to help the company track and manage freight on what is called the modern-day Silk Road. 

Dr. DuBravac is an internationally-recognized thought leader and speaker, delivering pragmatic and provocative insights on the trends, technologies and paradigms transforming the globe. His research focuses on the forces shaping tomorrow that are percolating on the peripheral of society and business today. 

Currently, president and CEO of AVIRO, Dr. DuBravac is currently looking at the trends enabled by digitization, including what he calls "datafication."

"As we digitaliize the world around us with cameras and sensors and connectivity, we started to capture information — much of it was already there, it just wasn't being cataloged, organized, collected. Now as we start to gather all of that data ... it's really where we are going to see the efficiency enhancements explode," he said.

Watch the video for the full interview.