Amazon debuts AWS Deadline Cloud for content rendering

Amazon Web Services announced the availability of AWS Deadline Cloud, a fully managed service that helps customers set up, deploy, and scale rendering projects in minutes, so they can improve the efficiency of their rendering pipelines and take on more work. With Deadline Cloud, customers creating computer graphics, visual effects (VFX), or innovating their pipelines to incorporate artificial intelligence-generated (AI-generated) visuals can build a cloud-based render farm—aggregated compute—that scales from zero to thousands of compute instances for peak demand, without needing to manage their own infrastructure.

Creative teams can use Deadline Cloud to accelerate production timelines by running more projects in parallel, without worrying about capacity limits. Deadline Cloud offers built-in budget-management capabilities that help customers understand costs with high granularity on a project-by-project basis, and with no upfront costs. Customers only pay when they are rendering. 

With Deadline Cloud, customers in industries like media and entertainment, architecture, and engineering can transform their content-rendering pipelines for projects spanning films, television shows, commercials, games, industrial design, and more—without upfront investments or ongoing costs between projects. Customers can access Deadline Cloud through the AWS Management Console and use a guided process to build their render farm, including providing the size and duration of their projects to determine instance type and configuring permissions. Deadline Cloud automatically provisions Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances and manages the network and compute infrastructure, simplifying customers’ ability to scale compute based on demand.

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