Cisco expands observability ecosystem with new partner modules

Cisco announced seven new modules on the Cisco Observability Platform, built by development partners and created to expand its full-stack observability ecosystem. This growing ecosystem helps customers fulfill their specific observability needs and utilize additional value from observable telemetry.  

The new modules are focused on five critical areas: Business Insights, SAP Visibility, Networking, MLOps & SLO, and Sustainability.   

“Cisco is committed to fostering innovation in observability,” said Ronak Desai, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Full-Stack Observability and AppDynamics. “With the help of development partners, we are building an observability ecosystem that will help companies deliver exceptional digital experiences.” 

“Full-Stack Observability is unlocking a host of use cases that are providing enterprises with deeper levels of cross-domain visibility for improved application performance, network insights, security postures and assurance. The resulting benefits of reducing risk and improving the resilience of IT infrastructure are immeasurable. I'm impressed with how Cisco is leaning into partner and customer collaboration to enhance and grow the Cisco Observability Platform ecosystem,” said Will Townsend, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy. Townsend continued, “It has the potential to provide a diverse set of solutions that can help customers reduce tool sprawl and more proactively manage business operations through partner led observability practices.”  

Today’s modern businesses are digitally led, with customer and user experiences achieved with and through applications. The speed and complexity of how these applications are built demands that IT teams, security teams and business leaders observe all aspects of application performance and experience in real-time.