Enhancing Google Cloud’s blockchain data offering with BigQuery

Early in 2018, Google Cloud worked with the community to democratize blockchain data via our BigQuery public datasets; in 2019, we expanded with six more datasets. Today, we’ve added eleven more of the most in-demand blockchains to the BigQuery public datasets, in preview. And we’re making improvements to existing datasets in the program, too.

We’re doing this because blockchain foundations, Web3 analytics firms, partners, developers, and customers tell us they want a more comprehensive view across the crypto landscape, and to be able to query more chains. They want to answer complex questions and verify subjective claims such as “How many NFTs were minted today across three specific chains?” “How do transaction fees compare across chains?” and “How many active wallets are on the top EVM chains?” 

Having a more robust list of chains accessible via BigQuery and new ways to access data will help the Web3 community better answer these questions and others, without the overhead of operating nodes or maintaining an indexer. Customers can now query full on-chain transaction history off-chain to understand the flow of assets from one wallet to another, which tokens are most popular, and how users are interacting with smart contracts.