Ericsson and CTIA: MDS Orbit certified for Smart Infrastructure

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and CTIA Certification, a renowned industry certification organization, today announced the certification of GE Vernova’s MDS™ Orbit under the IoT Network Certified for Smart Connected Infrastructure™ program.

The IoT Network Certified for Smart Connected Infrastructure program empowers device manufacturers to validate their devices' suitability for critical infrastructure operations. GE Vernova, a pioneer in the utility device ecosystem, subjected their MDS Orbit cellular router to comprehensive testing at Ericsson's advanced labs. The testing, which adhered to 3GPP, NIST and CTIA Certification standards, verified the resilience of GE Vernova cellular devices in real-world network grid conditions. CTIA Certification has now recognized GE Vernova's MDS Orbit device as IoT Network Certified for Smart Connected Infrastructure. Testing for this initiative took place at Ericsson's cutting-edge facilities in Richardson, Texas, highlighting Ericsson's expertise and commitment to the utility sector.

MDS Orbit, offered by GE Vernova’s Grid Solutions business, is an industrial wireless router platform built for secure, reliable, and adaptable communication in tough industrial settings.

Certification of the MDS Orbit through CTIA Certification's and Ericsson's joint testing program sets a high standard for all future device certifications, with potentially transformative effects upon the broader utilities industry as a whole. GE Vernova's leadership and commitment to security will inspire other manufacturers to adopt a security-conscious approach to device deployment.

“This collaboration underscores the importance of ensuring the security and reliability of critical infrastructure devices. Ericsson and CTIA Certification are jointly committed to safeguarding the devices on critical infrastructure – protecting our customers, our communities, and the nation as a whole,” said Koustuv Ghoshal, Vice President and Head of Utilities vertical business, Ericsson North America.