Oracle and Palantir tackle mission critical AI applications for government, enterprise

Oracle and Palantir today announced a partnership to provide secure cloud and AI solutions aiming to power businesses and governments around the world. Oracle's distributed cloud and AI infrastructure, combined with Palantir's leading AI and decision acceleration platforms, will help organizations maximize the value of their data.

As part of the agreement, Palantir will move Foundry workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Palantir will also make its Gotham and AI Platforms deployable across Oracle's distributed cloud: in public cloud regions; Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dedicated Regions; Oracle Alloy; Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud; Oracle Government Cloud; Oracle Roving Edge, and Oracle's air-gapped regions for defense and intelligence customers. Oracle's vast cloud footprint and sovereign AI capabilities will allow more organizations to use Palantir's leading platforms for data integration and decision-making.

Oracle and Palantir will jointly sell and support cloud and AI services across government and commercial industries.

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