Rakuten Symphony launches "Real Open RAN Licensing Program"

Rakuten Symphony announces the launch of its "Real Open RAN Licensing Program," a ground-breaking initiative designed to democratize Radio Access Network (RAN) technology worldwide.

With an open community subscription model, Rakuten Symphony gives commercial access to its Open RAN Central Unit (CU) and Open RAN Distributed Unit (DU) software1, which has already been deployed in Japan to provide total nationwide coverage, with the same now underway in Germany.

This will lower the barrier of entry and shorten the time-to-market for all telecom ecosystem players to accelerate and simplify access to the most critical software stack workloads required in the open Radio Access Network, setting a new standard for innovation and performance in the telecom industry.

The software, distinguished by numerous awards from Opensignal (https://www.opensignal.com) for Rakuten Mobile's exceptional network performance and user experience, demonstrates its capability to deliver superior quality and performance compared to traditional RAN solutions. This initiative represents a significant departure from conventional telecom infrastructure models, offering a more flexible and efficient approach to network deployment and management.

Rakuten Symphony's "Real Open RAN Licensing Program" enables companies within the Open RAN ecosystem to leverage Rakuten’s market-proven advancements, fostering innovation and facilitating the transition towards more adaptable and scalable network solutions. This move is aimed at challenging the status quo, encouraging collaboration, and improving efficiency across the telecom industry.