Subex to showcase AI agents at digital transformation world

Subex a telecom AI company is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Digital Transformation World (DTW) event organized by TM Forum. The event will take place from June 18 to 20 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

At the event, Subex will showcase its cutting-edge AI squad, designed to autonomously acquire knowledge about specific problems and develop effective strategies to resolve them. This demonstration underscores Subex’s dedication to harnessing AI for the creation of advanced, autonomous systems capable of significantly alleviating challenges in the telecom industry ranging across Fraud Management, Customer Experience and Network use cases.

Subex is also a leading contributor to the catalyst project titled ‘AI-powered Fraud Defense: Turning Vulnerability into Profitability, which reimagines the way CSPs tackle fraud, and ushers in an era of machine-led fraud prevention. Other prominent collaborators in this catalyst project include Verizon, Orange, Safaricom, Econet, KPMG, Cognizant, and Torry Harris. The catalyst also demonstrates how telcos can ethically monetize risk intelligence, opening up newer revenue streams for CSPs.

Harsha Ramesh Angeri, VP, Corporate Strategy and Head of AI Business at Subex said, “True transformation doesn’t come from simply applying AI to existing processes, but from reimagining solutions from the ground up with AI as the core. Our AI-native solutions represent a paradigm shift that unlocks unprecedented efficiencies and capabilities well beyond what traditional systems can achieve and we’re excited to showcase this at this year’s DTW event.”

Subex’s showcase at the event is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to create AI-driven connected experiences and highlights the value that can be created with the right use of AI. DTW is one of the largest technology-focused conferences for the telecom industry and serves as a great platform for Subex to define, drive and showcase future innovations.