Telefónica and Google Cloud extend strategic partnership

Telefónica and Google Cloud today announced the renewal and extension of their partnership to bring best-in-class cloud offerings to the market and to help businesses accelerate their digital transformations. The agreement includes the expansion of Google Cloud services offered by Telefónica Tech for the B2B market, cloud adoption by Telefónica for its own business, and the strengthening of collaboration in key areas of innovation, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI).

Telefónica is using Google Cloud internally to advance in its own digital transformation, leveraging Google Cloud's technologies in areas such as IT through its "Go to Cloud" program. Telefónica has accelerated the transformation of its own operations systems, improving application deployment time and optimizing infrastructure. 

Additionally, Telefónica is building next-generation digital products and services, with Google Cloud technologies as strategic enablers. Telefónica will explore a set of innovation projects with Google Cloud on previously agreed areas, which include AI, Gen AI, MLOps, accelerated computing infrastructure for AI, Web3, blockchain, quantum, and edge computing.

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