Cloud Career Moves - the Shark Week edition

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Silverliners! With Shark Week content swimming its way through the Discovery Channel this week, we’re paying tribute to the very first movie that grossed over $100 million at the box office. After all, what’s more relaxing than going into the weekend thinking about a giant man-eating great white shark attacking beachgoers? Eh, we can think of a few things.

While your trusty author may just hang back on the boardwalk here at Lake Michigan — I’ve had my fair share of shark alerts whilst living on the Atlantic — I suggest your best fishing gear, because these techies aren’t off the hook just yet in this week’s edition of Cloud Career Moves — the Shark Week edition.


Joe Risico and Arturo Rodriguez, Co-CEOs, Aterian

Joe Risico, Co-CEO, Aterian*
* (Joe Risico, Co-CEO, Aterian*)
Arturo Rodriguez, Co-CEO, Aterian*
* (Arturo Rodriguez, Co-CEO, Aterian*)

Joe Risico and Arturo Rodriguez have been promoted to co-CEOs for Aterian, a tech enabled consumer product company. 

Prior to his new role, Joe served as Aterian’s chief legal officer and head of M&A. His new responsibilities include leading strategy and revenue generation for the company. Arturo will continue his current role as CFO for Aterian, along with leading the company’s technology and development, as well as supply chain and finance as co-CEO. 

These shark-aficionados run a successful shark-card trading business when not touring the “Jaws” set on Martha's Vineyard. Wobbegong shark for 200, anyone?



Jason Baron, CTO, Coretelligent

Jason Baron, CTO, Coretelligent*
* (Jason Baron, CTO, Coretelligent*)

Coretelligent, a cybersecurity provider, promoted Jason Baron to CTO. Jason will lead the company’s technical vision and development in his new role and has experience leading teams in field and remote support, customer success and strategic services at the company. Although Jason appreciates the “Jaws” movie franchise, he believes the artistry of “Sharknado” is universally unmatched. CGI fans, we hear you! (I guess.) 



Brigitte Sollie, SVP, Global Head AWS Sales and Strategy, GFT

Brigitte Sollie, SVP, Global Head AWS Sales and Strategy, GFT*
* (Brigitte Sollie, SVP, Global Head AWS Sales and Strategy, GFT*)

Brigitte Sollie has been named SVP and global head of Amazon Web Services (AWS) sales and strategy at GFT, a digital transformation company. Brigitte will help expand the company’s AWS business division by playing a significant role in GFT’S global strategy to deliver cloud infrastructure. 

Brigitte is well-known amongst shark lovers for her kazoo impression of John Williams’ “Main Theme” from “Jaws”. We hope she isn’t displaying any foreshadowing…Dun dun… Dun dun…



Danny Rittman, CISO, Avant Technologies

Danny Rittman, CISO, Avant Technologies*
* (Danny Rittman, CISO, Avant Technologies*)

Artificial intelligence (AI) company Avant Technologies announced Danny Rittman as chief information security officer (CISO). Danny has over 18 years of experience in the cybersecurity field and will lead the company’s information security and technology risk management in his new role. Danny is captain of Amity Island’s shark trivia team when not scourging the sea below for evidence of “The Meg”. 



Nicole Stavroff, VP of Worldwide Channels, FireMon

Nicole Stavroff, VP of Worldwide Channels, FireMon*
* (Nicole Stavroff, VP of Worldwide Channels, FireMon*)

Nicole Stavroff has been named VP of worldwide channels for Firemon, a security policy management company for cloud. Previous to her new role, Nicole was responsible for developing the channel go-to-market strategy and was tasked with global territory segmentation and partner enablement. Nicole recently drew inspiration from the Irwin family and is the self-appointed chief shark-ologist at her local beach. Crikey!


*Ed. Note: Midjourney, an AI art tool, manipulates original headshots so they kind-of-sort-of-maybe look like the real person but in many cases, not really at all.

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