AT&T expands relationship with Cradlepoint

AT&T and Cradlepoint are trying to make it easier for first responders and enterprises to get end-to-end wireless wide area network (WAN) solutions from AT&T.

Customers can now order Cradlepoint wireless edge solutions and have them fulfilled and billed directly from AT&T. Select Cradlepoint wireless routers are being offered with AT&T's LTE service along with an optional AT&T Wireless Broadband (AWB) data plan.

Cradlepoint has been developing a deeper relationship with AT&T for a while. It was the first to support Category 18, or 5G Evolution as AT&T calls it, for over a year before other suppliers entered the market, according to Cradlepoint CMO Todd Krautkremer.

Now with COVID-19, a lot of first responder agencies are dealing with unforeseen expenses and by offering this payment option, they can pay over time via their wireless bill rather than making an upfront payment all at once. Enterprises likewise are capital constrained at the same time they need wireless routers and WAN technology to support their communications.

"In recent months, we have witnessed more businesses and public safety agencies than ever deploying wireless WAN solutions on AT&T LTE networks in response to the global health crisis," said Robert Boyanovsky, VP, Enterprise Mobility, AT&T Business, in a statement. "This surge in demand underscores the agility, flexibility, and speed of deployment that only wireless can deliver. It also provides validation of our expanded relationship with Cradlepoint that will make it easier for customers to acquire end-to-end wireless WAN solutions from AT&T."

Under the expanded relationship, AT&T will continue to add newly released Cradlepoint solutions over time, including the company’s recently announced 5G Wideband Adapters and next-generation E300 (5G Ready) and E3000 (5G Optimized) wireless routers.

The new E3000 Series is the latest Cradlepoint solution to target the LTE-based WAN market. The new design provides a “branch-in-a-box” solution in a compact footprint; the router is available starting at $2,023 with a one-year subscription.

The company also is working with AT&T on 5G and providing customers a path to get there, so that they don’t have to rip out existing gear to get to the next-generation equipment. In the future, the expanded collaboration will enable an enterprise customer to upgrade to AT&T 5G by adding a 5G Wideband Adapter to any Cradlepoint 5G Ready or 5G Optimized wireless router via an Ethernet connection.

Cradlepoint doesn’t sell direct to the enterprises but goes to market through wireless carriers, resellers, managed service providers and vendors that integrate its technology into their products and services. The company has about 600 employees, with about 350 of them based out of its headquarters in Boise, Idaho.