Lockheed Martin picks Verizon to combine 5G with military communications

Lockheed Martin signed an agreement with Verizon to collaborate on 5G.MIL technologies. Lockheed Martin has trademarked “5G.MIL,” which denotes solutions that integrate military communications with tactical gateway capabilities (“.MIL”) and 5G technology for battlefield assets.

Lockheed Martin says its 5G.MIL program is a 5G-enabled "network of networks" that integrates military and enterprise networks, and leverages existing telecommunication infrastructure technology.

The relationship with Verizon also establishes a joint research and development lab framework to test 5G.MIL technologies.

"Verizon is at the cutting edge when it comes to building out reliable, high performance 5G Ultra Wideband networks with mobile edge computing capabilities," said Kyle Malady, chief technology officer at Verizon, in a statement. "Our work with Lockheed Martin will help enable the creation of new and innovative products and technologies, helping DOD leaders achieve the goals laid out in their 5G strategy."

Earlier this week, the two groups conducted a demonstration using a Verizon private 5G network installed at Lockheed Martin Space’s 5G Test Range in Colorado, connected to another of Lockheed Martin's facilities in Texas. Initial tests demonstrated interoperability between Lockheed Martin open tactical gateway solutions and Verizon’s on-site 5G network technology.

In late September Verizon was picked to deliver its 5G Ultra Wideband service, including C-band, at seven Air Force installations under a new contract from the Department of Defense.

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And Verizon has worked with the U.S. Marine Corps at the Air Station at Miramar in San Diego.

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Verizon worked with the Marines and Qualcomm to create a 5G Living Lab at Miramar. It serves as an R&D center to explore new technologies such as driverless cars and drones. But Verizon also provides mobile coverage for the service men and women on the base.