T-Mobile entices small businesses with FWA and Facebook marketing

T-Mobile executives have been saying the company plans to make a big push into the small- and medium-sized business market. Today the company said that big push will begin on June 1 when it begins offering three new services for SMBs. It will offer Small Business Internet, which is a fixed wireless access (FWA) service. It’s also designed new smartphone plans for SMBs, and it’s created a new program — Facebook Advertising on Us — to help businesses with their marketing strategies.

T-Mobile is always ready take a jab at its competition. In today’s announcement with regard to its new Small Business Internet service, it said, “Many ‘business’ plans from traditional ISPs deliver the same service levels as residential plans but for often twice the price! For example, Comcast business customers pay more than twice — $60 more every single month — for a 200 Mbps business plan than consumers pay for a 200 Mbps residential plan.”

T-Mobile’s new FWA offering for businesses will cost $60 per month if the business signs up for auto pay. And it doesn’t require a contract. Businesses will be shipped a Nokia 5G router, which they can install themselves. T-Mobile says the installation can be done “in minutes.”

Verizon and AT&T have already jumped on the FWA-for-business trend, which is giving cable companies some new competition in the profitable business services market.

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Verizon Business is also offering assistance to companies that are struggling to make a comeback after Covid. One way it’s doing this is by helping companies set up new websites.

For its part, T-Mobile is working with Facebook to accelerate small businesses’ digital marketing capabilities. Their offering includes three one-hour, one-on-one consultations with a Facebook marketing expert. And every small business on T-Mobile with three or more lines can get $200 in digital advertising to market their company on Facebook and Instagram.

Finally, T-Mobile is introducing new unlimited 5G plans for small businesses, providing three tiers of service that include unlimited talk, text and data. 

The company has earlier indicated that it's also pushing to gain market share in the large enterprise space.

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T-Mobile’s market share in the enterprise space is less than 10% among the wireless carriers, while AT&T and Verizon predominantly serve the other 90%. But these figures could be good news for T-Mobile: it has only one way to go, which is up.

In March the Bellevue, Washington-based operator unveiled T-Mobile WFX, three solutions designed to help enterprises meet their communications needs.