TDS vows to deliver 2-Gbps speeds in all its new markets

TDS Telecom said it will launch 2-Gbps symmetrical broadband services in all of its new markets where it is expanding fiber outside its existing wireline footprint. As part of that announcement, the company said it is now offering 2-Gbps services in Spokane, Washington and Meridian, Idaho.

TDS competes with Comcast and CenturyLink in the Spokane, Washington, market.

The company said it currently is able to connect 22,000 addresses with 2-Gig fiber in Spokane but will ultimately be able to connect more than 88,000 homes and businesses in the community.  In Meridian, Idaho, TDS said it can deliver 2-Gbps services in four neighborhoods but ultimately will be able to connect 57,000 homes and businesses with fiber.

TDS has said it feels a sense of “urgency” around increasing its fiber build and noted that there is growing competition in the 1-Gbps fiber space, which is why it is now planning to make 2-Gig services more widely available.

But TDS isn’t the only telco upgrading to 2-Gbps services. Frontier Communications revealed earlier this year that it will roll out symmetrical 2 Gbps service in the first quarter of 2022. The company said it was making that move to boost its performance beyond what its cable competitors can do.

And Consolidated Communications has also said it might consider rolling out 2-Gbps services if there is demand for the faster service.

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TDS has decided to not reveal the number of markets and addresses where it will expand its fiber footprint outside its existing wireline service area because of competition. TDS currently offers 1-Gig services to 56% of its market using both fiber-to-the-home and cable.

TDS ended the second quarter with 478,700 total broadband customers, an increase of 11,400 from the end of the first quarter. The company reported 34,900 commercial broadband customers, up from 34,400 at the end of the first quarter.