Telia Carrier expands reach into Mexico with two POPs

After building up routes in the U.S., Telia Carrier has made the move into Mexico with the addition of two points of presence (POPs).  Telia Carrier now has one POPs in the city of Monterrey and another one in the city of Querétaro.

Mexico and Latin America have become hot spots for service providers, content providers and cloud providers as more businesses accelerate their digital transformations due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the increased demand for cloud services. Mexico is Latin America’s second largest economy and the eleventh-largest economy in the world.

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In June, colocation and data center giant Digital Realty and Ascenty announced they would build two new data centers in Mexico for a large global cloud provider. The two companies didn't identify the cloud provider that will be using the new facilities in Querétaro, but they did say they had long-term, multi-megawatt agreements in place.

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In October, Equinix, which is Digital Realty's primary competitor, expanded its footprint in Mexico with its purchase of three data centers for $175 million from Axtel.

Querétaro and Monterrey have become hubs for data centers and interconnections in the region. Located near Mexico City, Querétaro acts as a central hub for cloud and data center providers by connecting Mexican and international companies. It's also the fastest-growing city in the country, due to booming IT, logistics services, aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and automotive industries.

The city of Monterrey is home to many Mexican, U.S. and international companies in the financial services, manufacturing and automotive verticals and to major universities.

Thanks to Telia Carrier's global reach, companies in those two cities can now interconnect the people, locations, cloud services and data that are critical to operations in Mexico’s growing telecommunications market. 

In Querétaro, QuattroCom is now a complementary partner to Telia Carrier. QuattroCom has an established infrastructure network, construction capabilities and connectivity solutions to businesses and markets in the region.

In Monterrey, Telia Carrier expanded its partnership with Neutral Networks with the new POP at the Pabellon M development facility. The partnership will bolster Telia Carrier’s fiber backbone and connectivity in the city of Monterrey, with the possibility to connect with northern Mexico’s top markets and strategic business sectors.

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Last month, Telia Carrier expanded its U.S. network with a new southeastern Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) route. In order to keep pace with customer demand, Telia Carrier expanded its fiber backbone to connect Dallas to a new east-west route via Memphis to Nashville.

In October, Telia Carrier added a new route between its existing infrastructure in Ashburn, Virginia and Atlanta in order to better serve its data center customers.