HPE targets telecom, healthcare, banking with GreenLake services

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) unveiled a slew of updates for its GreenLake cloud platform, including an expanded range of services designed to meet the workload needs of four key industry verticals.

New services announced at its HPE Discover 2021 conference target the healthcare, financial services, telecommunications and data and risk analysis sectors. These include HPE GreenLake for Electronic Medical Records for critical healthcare workloads; HPE GreenLake for Core Payment systems, which is being launched in partnership with Lusis; HPE GreenLake for Splunk, which offers data analysis for risk management; and HPE GreenLake for 5G Core, which offers operators access to an open, cloud-native 5G core.

The company also announced the general availability of four previously unveiled services, including its High Performance Computing, Machine Learning Operations, SAP and Virtual Desktop solutions. Keith White, SVP and GM of HPE GreenLake Cloud Services, told journalists during a briefing these four represent core workloads “that all of our customers are going to run in their various environments,” all delivered as pay-per-use, managed services.

Patrick Moorhead, founder and principal analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, told Fierce “HPE’s verticalization of GreenLake is a natural progression after building it out horizontally. The target markets it chose are areas where the company has had historical success and has mature ISV partners, so this makes sense to me.”

White noted GreenLake has gained “tremendous momentum” since its introduction in 2018, with over 1,200 enterprise customers running the platform and a more than 95% customer retention rate.

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“Customers that are going down the GreenLake path are really excited about what they’re seeing,” he said. “The cloud has really driven a lot of I’d say cloud expectations. So as we think about customers and their focus on digitally transforming as well as moving to this age of insights with all of the data and the ability to monetize and make decisions off that data, it becomes even more important that they have a set of platforms that provide them with the capabilities they need.”

Additional updates unveiled at the conference include HPE GreenLake Lighthouse, a cloud-native platform which allows customers to add new services in minutes; Project Aurora, which aims to integrate zero-trust security into GreenLake’s architecture; and Silicon On-Demand, offering flexible consumption optimized at the silicon level.

Moorhead said the introduction of Lighthouse was a “good move,” noting it “is simpler” than the standard GreenLake offer and creates model more like what public cloud providers offer but for on-prem deployments. “If it executes, this should enable HPE to drive more scale with GreenLake,” he concluded.

Lighthouse and Silicon On-Demand are now generally available, with Project Aurora set to become available later this year.