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Locating Growth Markets for Broadband Expansion

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To get ahead of the growing demand for mobile data required by streaming services, wireless telecommunications are challenged to anticipate the location of regional growth areas, which can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Today, there are now geospatial data solutions that can pinpoint, more accurately, the areas of regional real estate development.

Additionally, Telcos need to identify where these new areas of development will exist to help them foresee the data volume requirements that may exceed their current capacity and enable them to get ahead of their competition.

Telcos must quickly determine the existing and future areas of serviceability, both wireless and fixed wireless, as well as where to find new opportunities of commercial and residential development to plan for capital expenditures. This webinar will provide information that can help complete many of the tasks on their checklist.



Joe Francica

Joe Francica brings over 40 years of experience in location intelligence and geospatial information technology with the purpose of providing clients the unique value proposition afforded by location-based software and data to applications in retail, insurance, banking, telecommunications & real estate. Francica has worked for large multi-national companies as well as startups and is now a principal in the location intelligence product team at CoreLogic. He holds degrees from Rutgers, Dartmouth, and Southern Methodist University.

Anand Singh

Anand Singh

Anand is a Data Executive specializing in strategy and solutions around how organizations can exploit the power of data and analytics to drive monetization, create competitive differentiation, and drive revenue through innovative products and solutions.

He has authored Intellectual Property in Data Management, Data Valuation, and Data Monetization with over 10 filings with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Anand currently serves as a Product Executive within CoreLogic's Data and Analytics business and leads Location Intelligence, Precision Marketing, and Generative AI Property Insights Solutions.

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60 Minutes