Samsung launches 5G network for construction site in Korea

Samsung Electronics threw its hat into the construction ring for a private 5G network for Hoban Construction in South Korea, where it’s working in collaboration with Naver Cloud.

The network is believed to be the first of its kind in the Korean construction sector, enabling the three companies to combine various 5G applications to enhance worksite safety and efficiency, according to a press release.

A year ago, Samsung and Naver Cloud joined forces to deploy a private 5G network at Naver's Korean headquarters. At that time, the companies pledged to continue working together to develop new business models and use cases to expand private 5G networks globally.

Hoban, a major construction company in South Korea, deployed the 5G network at a large-scale apartment complex, where 14 high-story buildings are being built.

The 5G network is supporting applications like drone-based monitoring, IoT concrete sensors and real-time CCTV video to help reduce on-site hazards and errors. Workers can check large files, including building plans, through 5G tablets and exchange revisions among themselves in real time and on site, according to this video.  

Interestingly, the network also supports smart safety jackets that are equipped with gas detection sensors, 140-degree full HD cameras and safety buttons, which make for a safer work environment by enabling safety risks to be detected earlier.

“We are excited to partner with Samsung and Naver Cloud to deploy Korea’s first 5G private network in the construction sector,” said Kap Moon, a vice president at Hoban Construction. “We look forward to using this advanced technology to enhance safety at our work sites, improve construction workflow and provide workers with real-time data to allocate resources and deliver better outcomes for our projects.”

Naver Cloud has a license for private 5G dedicated spectrum in Korea, where the 4.7 GHz band is dedicated for private 5G networks. Samsung provided its outdoor radios, baseband units and advanced core solution.

Samsung described its 5G Standalone (SA) Compact Core as a “one box” solution that can run on a single server hardware, ready for quick deployments and less complex operation.

“We are delighted to build on our collaboration with Naver Cloud to bring new 5G innovations to Hoban Construction,” said Yong Chang, vice president of Global Sales and Marketing, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. “Our advanced network technology will help construction companies in expanding what’s possible, by bringing forth new tools and applications that will optimize their operations and improve safety on-site.”