Telefónica to test solutions from TIP’s new 5G private wireless group

Everyone’s getting in on the hottest new thing in wireless: private wireless networks. There’s more evidence of that today as the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) launched a new solution group called 5G Private Networks. And Telefónica will be the first operator to test the solutions that this group develops.

5G private networks can provide organizations with on-premise radio equipment, edge computing, the routing of private traffic and better privacy and security that comes from localized data.

For operators, 5G private networks present a new revenue opportunity as they help organizations set up and manage these private networks.

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However, according to TIP, to fully capture the benefits of 5G private networks, a different approach is required from traditional network architectures that have focused on large-scale deployments. TIP’s 5G Private Networks solution group will develop a cloud-native architecture adapted for a telecom network environment.


Telefónica will test the initial 5G private wireless solution in its local TIP Community Lab in Madrid and then move to field trials in Málaga, Spain.

Telefónica’s SVP of Technology and TIP Board Director Juan Carlos Garcia said in a statement: “This new solution group will enable operators to address the exciting opportunities that 5G is creating in the enterprise segment, both through valuable features for our customers and more efficient network operations. The TIP community is the perfect environment for this innovation, as it will allow us to leverage multiple current project groups (Open Core Networks, OpenRAN) to deliver an end-to-end minimum viable product that we will then test in Telefonica’s TIP Community Lab.”

Ihab Tarazi, CTO and SVP of networking and solutions at Dell Technologies and TIP board director, said: “For open networks to deliver their benefits, the telecom industry needs an abstraction layer that helps integrate different components into end-to-end solutions. New software management tools based on the ones currently used for the cloud can address this need, and this solution group is a timely initiative for the industry to collaborate on making this happen.”