Verizon Business has a triple-digit funnel of private wireless opportunities

Massimo Peselli is senior vice president of Global Enterprise for Verizon Business. His responsibility spans across the company’s top 10,000 enterprise accounts in the U.S. as well as around the world.

He said Verizon Business doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all private wireless offering, but it does have a consistent approach.

Speaking at the recent Fierce Wireless Private Networks Summit, Peselli said, “When you talk about private wireless networks, it really depends on the customer requirements. It really depends on the use cases. Some use cases may require lower latency or higher speeds. And so, we need to adjust the design and configuration of a network to really feed and fulfill the specific needs of a customer.”

He said when Verizon Business sets up a private wireless network, typically about 80% of the configuration is very similar to other private networks, while about 20% requires customization.

Peselli says Verizon Business has seen an uptick in the request for private networks. It currently has “a triple-digit funnel of opportunities” in the private wireless space.

In terms of what kinds of industry verticals are interested in private networks, Peselli said there are three industries that are particularly hot: manufacturing; financial services; and hubs like seaports or sports venues.

For example, Verizon Business delivers a private 5G network in Corning's manufacturing facility in North Carolina. Corning uses the network to deliver multiple use cases, from quality control, to predictive maintenance, to real-time control of the automated vehicles.’’

Peselli talks in the video above about how he recently visited Asia and many countries in that geography are interested in private wireless, although they’re in early days.

He met with enterprises as well as regulators. “The market is a little behind in Asia, but we have seen and detected an incredible interest in private 5G networks,” he said. “Regulators in multiple countries in Asia have opened up really to talk to Verizon and get input because they really wanted to unleash a potential of the enterprise in the private 5G space.”