AI-phone home

We’ve entered the artificial intelligence (AI) era, and there is growing interest in the telecom industry on how best to leverage AI’s superpowers to generate business growth, to build differentiated networks and to achieve unprecedented operational efficiencies. While all these outcomes are achievable, they are daunting — and worse, if left behind can be fatal for a business.

The telecom industry has been gradually adopting AI/machine learning (ML) in networks and for business operations. For example, the Open RAN industry has been working on several use cases to increase spectral efficiency, improve energy efficiency and optimize network performance. Similarly, telecom business operations have been working on chatbots to improve customer engagement, conduct sentiment analysis and predict churn.

The journey ahead is going to be transformational.

In a survey released in February 2023, NVIDIA found that nearly all telecommunications respondents (95%) were already engaged with AI. However, much of this engagement was in early stages, as only one-third (34%) had been using AI for over six months, while nearly a quarter (23%) were still learning how to apply AI on their networks.

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