Overcoming the challenges of building access for Business Services fiber deployment

Delivering broadband services on fiber has become the norm for business customers – but what is the key to getting fiber into the building for fast customer turn-up? In today’s market the service provider is required to quickly find or build their own pathway into the business. This poses significant challenges in that building a new pathway can be both time consuming and expensive. 

The answer to simplifying and speeding these deployments is to use Clearfield’s Pushable (MPO) connector.

The FieldShield® Pushable Multi-fiber Push On (MPO) cable assembly (see video) builds on the advantages of a multi-fiber connection by taking an MPO connector with a 0.35 dB insertion loss or less and providing a unique ability to deliver the connector inside a protective housing. The small footprint (8.3mm outside diameter) of the FieldShield Pushable MPO allows this unique MPO assembly to fit into existing conduits that may have other cables inside – a cost effective alternative to building expensive, new conduit routes. Until now, these “congested” routes posed a problem with larger size traditional pre-terminated cables.  But with its protective housing in place, the FieldShield Pushable MPO cable assembly can be either pushed into the conduit or pulled using its integrated pulling loop. Problem solved.

Once the cable is installed into the conduit and the FieldShield Pushable MPO connector reaches the desired location, a technician removes