Innovative FWA deployments benefit consumers and businesses

Jong-Hak Jung, Senior Vice President of Engineering & Technology, TeleWorld Solutions

The Value of Fixed Wireless Access

Demand for high-speed internet is increasing worldwide at an exponential rate. The global market for mobile data traffic is expected to reach 603.5 million terabytes per month by 2030 (Research and Markets). This rise in demand is also driving a need for wide network coverage and more comprehensive connectivity options with reduced power consumption, especially in deep urban and remote rural communities: problems that Fixed Wireless Access is helping to solve.

FWA technology holds significant value to consumers and businesses to meet increasing demand. It offers a solution to deliver high-speed internet services without relying on physical fiber connections. The adoption of advanced technologies like IoT and 5G millimeter-wave further enhances FWA’s capability and appeal. It enables reduced power consumption, wide network coverage, and low latency for coverage expansion.

Fixed Wireless services accounted for 90% of net broadband additions in 2022 compared to 20% in 2021 (Leichtman Research Group). FWA’s proven diverse regional performance capabilities across urban, suburban, and rural areas have demonstrated the ability to address network densification while meeting diverse customer demands. Its download speeds range from 100 to 300 Mbps, with peak speeds reaching 1,000 Mbps. FWA has proven to be a reliable and affordable tool for various stakeholders, including MNOs, ISPs, utility companies, and businesses.  FWA can provide connectivity, higher data speeds and advanced services.

FWA has emerged to fill the gigabit broadband need in regions where fiber infrastructure is unavailable or economically unviable Its flexibility, resilience, and fast deployment make it an attractive option for customers. Forty percent of the U.S. population resides in rural and smaller markets with limited or no broadband access. FWA offers clear potential for growth and expansion in these areas. As technology evolves and the demand intensifies, FWA is poised to play a pivotal role in the future of broadband connectivity.  Beyond broadband connectivity, FWA provides advanced services such as voice services over IP and 4K UHD TV for consumers.  For enterprise customers, FWA can be used to extend fiber connectivity and enable digital transformation.

FWA Allows Utility Companies to be Connectivity Partners

Utility companies often own towers or structures that accommodate wireless equipment. They have nurtured customer relationships and trust within the communities where they operate. Utility companies will install fiber optic lines along power lines as a part of electric utility grid modernization. Building statewide systems permits internet service providers (ISPs) to deliver broadband service to unserved and underserved broadband customers. 

TeleWorld Solutions engaged with an electric utility company to enable CBRS FWA broadband connectivity for rural U.S. communities. A complex network design was developed to assess precise broadband coverage and reliable customer connectivity based on the utility company’s assets’ attachments to the entry points of rural homes, which could be on any side of a house, to predict the location for Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) placement. TeleWorld Solutions provided additional services, including capacity analysis, deployment, acceptance, and network management, thus resulting in little to no learning curve for the electric utility company employees. TeleWorld Solutions can enable other such utility providers to become broadband providers using various spectrums including CBRS, licensed spectrum, unlicensed mmWave spectrum and custom build solutions to reduce the digital divide.

Hiring RF Engineering Experts Saves You Time and Money

TeleWorld Solutions is a leading RF Engineering expert offering customized solutions beyond network design, testing, and deployment. Our services also include site acquisition, integration, implementation, and optimization. TeleWorld Solution’s RF Engineering expertise ensures efficient and reliable networks with the added benefits of automation and optimization. We work with you for short-term deployment and long-term management ease. TeleWorld Solutions will scope, identify, and address issues, providing comprehensive solutions.

We help save clients time and money with a single point of contact for expertise and staffing.  Our network services utilize customer automation tools as well as custom solutions to meet complex demands and customer requirements.  Our end-to-end partnership helps integrate technology pieces and bridge service gaps while managing the entire network.

TeleWorld Solutions has worked with every major MNO and MSO for telecom network design solutions. Let’s get started with your Fixed Wireless network implementation today.

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