Microsoft's Nexus Platform Advances 5G with Tier-One Carrier Partnerships and Groundbreaking AIOps Copilot

In an exclusive interview with Shawn Hakl and Steve Saunders, Microsoft's Azure Operator Nexus platform emerges as a catalyst in 5G evolution.

Employed by industry giants like AT&T and Etisalat, the solution leverages the power of Azure to deliver a scalable and secure carrier-grade private cloud on the operators' premises, capable of hosting practically any network workload.

The conversation delves into Microsoft's collaborative approach to developing this platform, emphasizing an expansive ecosystem of partners that includes Ericsson and Nokia. The spotlight shifts to Azure's AIOps Copilot, Microsoft’s network operations monitoring and troubleshooting assistant, powered by generative AI. The interview concludes by discussing how operators like BT are embracing GenAI to deliver innovative applications such as Azure Operator Call Protection that protect their subscribers and enable new monetization opportunities – solutions that will propel the global communications industry into a dynamic and profitable future.

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