Moving your core systems to the cloud is the next step in your cloud journey

Authored by Shimie Hortig, Group President of the Americas, Cloud and Financial Services

What’s Next In Your Cloud Journey? Time to Consider the Core?

The telecom industry is going through another cycle of innovation. This one is fuelled by new technologies like 5G, Edge, IoT, AI, and Metaverse. To deliver and monetize services based on these technologies, communications service providers (CSPs) are looking at new business and monetization models, participating in emerging partner ecosystems, further shortening time to market, and offering amazing digital customer experiences. One of the key enablers to achieve these goals is moving to the cloud as it enables better agility, flexibility, scale and cost control. CSPs that have adopted cloud deeply across their IT and beyond, will be well-positioned to unlock the value of their network and IT investments and deliver the services to consumers and enterprises that these innovation hold.

The next step: Taking core to the cloud

Many CSPs are several years into their cloud journeys. They have defined cloud strategies, built capabilities, acquired talent, established Centers of Excellence, signed deals with major cloud providers and have “tested the waters” with migrations - though, so far, largely of non-mission-critical workloads.

As their cloud maturity and desire to extend their cloud footprint grows, CSPs are fast approaching the time to address their core to cloud strategy. Planning and executing a core to cloud strategy impacts practically the entire organization and will take some time. From our view of the industry, we expect the majority of programs to start within the next 12-24 months and complete within the next 3 to 5 years.

Which core to cloud path is right for you?

There are many considerations to examine in detail before deciding your core to cloud path. These relate to your business priorities, monetization strategies, staff skillsets, data center strategy and so on.

By way of example, one key benefit of cloud is the option to reduce or even close your data center. Ask yourselves: When is your data center lease due for renewal? In the short, medium or long term do you have plans to shut down (or minimize) your data centers? When is your next hardware renewal cycle due? Is any of your third-party software reaching end of support (or has the support already expired)? Are you facing security vulnerabilities?

Or regarding your core software: it lies at the heart of your business. Amdocs systems process billions of transactions a day, touching billions of people across the planet. You need to find a safe pair of hands to handle the migration and modernization of these systems. cloud?

The answers to these questions – and many others like them – will help shape your strategy.

Define your own path for core to cloud

There are many ways to take your core systems to the cloud. With Amdocs, you determine your own route. You can opt for a core system transformation with Amdocs’ cloud-native CES23 portfolio, a phased migration & modernization journey of existing Amdocs products, or a variety of combinations of the two.

The transformation approach has been adopted, for example, by T-Mobile US and Vodafone Germany. T-Mobile US and Amdocs are collaborating to modernize and accelerate digital transformation and next generation hybrid-cloud operations. Vodafone Germany is accelerating its digital transformation with Amdocs, including joint DevOps teams, enabling it to deliver an optimized customer experience across all touchpoints while achieving greater operational efficiency. 

AT&T Mexico and Vodafone Ireland have adopted a migration and modernization approach. Amdocs is the cloud migration partner for AT&T Mexico as it transitions its Amdocs database and application workloads, including Amdocs Customer Experience Suite (CES), to the public cloud.  This will allow flexibility and capacity growth and better prepare for new initiatives from 5G, while providing a superior customer experience. At Vodafone Ireland Amdocs will transition its infrastructure and application workloads to the cloud, including Amdocs CES, enabling an enhanced customer experience and rapid adoption of the latest 5G innovations.

Take your core to cloud journey with Amdocs

Your core systems lie at the heart of your operations. Over the last decades, Amdocs has helped dozens of CSPs worldwide deploy, operate and extract the maximum from hundreds of such core systems. Now we have invested in R&D to construct the optimal, safest and more secure cloud journey to take these to the cloud. We have created core to cloud paths for all our customers, including those running Amdocs’ CES, Ensemble, Optima and Kenan brands.

With our strategic partnerships with the leading cloud providers, we have designed and built a telco-grade core-to-cloud practice that will suit your business needs, priorities, product capabilities and budget. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we’ll be the cloud partner who keeps you at the forefront of innovation so you can reap the benefits and keep enabling amazing experiences for the world.

Learn how Amdocs can help CSPs to move their core to the cloud

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