Podcast: Ericsson’s Mats Pellback Scharp on net zero strategy and sustainability in ICT

While ICT and telecom providers like Ericsson use a small amount of the world’s total energy demand overall, the industries that rely on ICT to do business worldwide – relying on high-speed, reliable communications – contribute to high demand and high carbon emissions.  

The internet’s evolution is driving a revolution in healthcare, business and society. But sustainability and efficiency in powering networks is a huge concern in the face of climate change. Companies must think beyond the bottom line to their impact on society and the environment. 

Mats Pellback Scharp, Global Head of Sustainability at Ericsson, discusses the holistic aspects involved in strategizing what the ICT industry and Ericsson are doing to achieve a net zero carbon footprint through site efficiencies and emission-reducing strategies in this compelling podcast. 




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