Podcast: Rick Fulwiler of NETSCOUT on why a dark NOC is the future for CSPs

The dark NOC (network operations center) is getting lots of attention lately in the wireless space as carriers strive for standalone 5G networks while managing their 4G/LTE assets. The increasing capabilities of automation and virtualization—a “cloud native” architecture of sorts— is helping to drive the concept forward. 

The increasing complexity of the modern NOC environment demands this transition to a better automated, dark NOC environment. But providers fret, justifiably, about the cost of making this transition and the uncertain ROI it entails. 

Rick Fulwiler, Chief Solutions Architect for NETSCOUT, is ready for the challenge. He’s been working at the front lines of the networking and communication industry for more than 15 years and has a deep telecom background. 

In this in-depth discussion, Fulwiler describes the opportunities and challenges of pursuing the dark NOC, why it’s so important to help future-proof legacy and 5G networks, and how CSPs can start building the foundation of a reliable, cost-effective dark NOC. 


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