Create Every Opportunity Closes Financial Literacy Gap

Create Every Opportunity, an immersive web-based program for high schools, college athletes, and treatment centers to teach the fundamental principles of financial literacy and entrepreneurship, announced the launch of its new interactive web platform - CEO Connect.

The subscription-based course curriculum delivers more than 300 interactive learning modules available anytime, anywhere on a smartphone or personal computer. CEO Connect modules feature quality content on topics including bank accounts, money management, budgeting, credit/debit cards, resume building, interviewing, taxes, interest, saving, investing, credit scores and entrepreneurship and business planning.

States across the U.S. continue to implement financial literacy requirements within schools to address the void in education on the basics of everyday money matters that are crucial for establishing financial security.

While some high schools offer basic personal finance courses, the vast majority of American high school students - especially those in underserved communities - receive any sort of financial literacy education to teach basic money skills. At the same time, name, image, and likeness (NIL) policies for both high school and collegiate student athletes have revealed unintended consequences as more young people find themselves navigating large monetary deals, tax laws, and representation fees they may be unprepared to manage.

The most successful NIL athletes may find themselves with tens of thousands of followers, making hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars, and an opportunity to turn themselves into a brand once their collegiate days are done - if they know how. Create Every Opportunity is addressing these needs at both the high school and college level with a modern approach to financial literacy with CEO Connect, combining expertise from real-life professionals with an interactive platform to keep students engaged with the content and learning skills that are applicable to their daily lives.

Each learning module features a video with an industry professional, a corresponding PDF booklet with educational content to match, and an activity portion at the end with multiple choice questionnaires. With CEO Connect, the founders of Create Every Opportunity focused on digitizing and modernizing the topic of finances and entrepreneurship with a platform that mimics the look and feel of a social media platform.

Students, teachers and administrators will find a variety of content and features, including:

● Established Business Leaders Delivering Engaging Content: A roster of recognizable and diverse leaders that students know and can relate with share important insights and learnings on a variety of topics. Contributors to the platform include Rob Manfred, Commissioner of the MLB; Bill Cartwright, three-time champion in the NBA; Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool Sports; Sylvia Acevedo, former CEO of the Girl Scouts; and Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine. These modules, videos, and podcasts are updated yearly to ensure they’re delivering the most relevant content, with new leaders in business and finance.

● A Virtual Community Outside the Classroom: In Class Connect, student-to-student, studentto-teacher, and teacher-to-teacher messaging capabilities allow for ongoing discussions and support as classes work through the modules. Teachers and administrators can pin a post to start a group discussion on the platform or remind students of important dates to complete their modules. Students can like and comment on teacher or student posts on the platform to further engage with one another.

● Access to Ongoing Financial Education & Professional Development: With Global Connect, students can review internship opportunities, webinars, and additional e-learning materials from the very organizations the contributing business professionals are associated with. Access to the CEO Uncovered Podcast is also available to hear more from various industry professionals sharing detailed advice and insights on finance topics and entrepreneurship.

● Intuitive Tools for Administrators to Effectively Deliver Content: Features for teachers and administrators allow for easy oversight of their students, including: ‘classroom’ management to separate multiple classes/groups of students, lock/unlock courses to ensure everyone is on the same track, review students’ completed modules and assignments, review/approve student questions before they’re publicly posted in each classroom, set notification alerts for when/where students receive alerts, and so much more. With Teacher Connect, administrators from across the country can communicate about the various modules, how they’re successfully delivering content, lean on one another for support, and pull added background details on all modules as needed.

“States across the country are passing new legislation to bring needed financial literacy education to students, it’s a bipartisan issue that divided parties all agree on. The real challenge has been how to deliver that content in a meaningful way," said Ashley Henschel, Co-founder and COO at Create Every Opportunity. “CEO Connect provides modern and timely content to engage students. Rather than relying on antiquated programs that have been reused for decades, CEO Connect brings recognizable business leaders into the classroom to engage students with each lesson. If you’re a high school student reviewing student loan options, or a college athlete navigating an NIL deal, Create Every Opportunity wants to ensure every young person is adequately prepared to make the best financial decisions possible.”

“Having my lesson on the CEO platform helps get a message of financial hope to young adults throughout the nation,” said Dale Alexander CLU, ChFC, CFP®, founder of Alexander & Company a fullservice, independent employee benefits advisory firm and contributor to CEO Connect. “We know that when people live with financial margin and take control of their money, life gets new hope and perspective. I am super excited to partner with the CEO team in the fight to end financial hopelessness."

Create Every Opportunity is currently in more than 300 schools across the country, reaching almost 600,000 students. With each new school CEO onboards with its web-based curriculum, the CEO team educates the school on how to properly teach entrepreneurship, job readiness, and financial literacy. Teachers receive thorough onboarding and ongoing support so they may be proficient in the course work.

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About Create Every Opportunity (CEO): Create Every Opportunity's mission is to provide financial literacy and entrepreneurship learning to all, no matter their financial circumstances or background. CEO offers a web-based curriculum for high schools, college athletes, and treatment centers to teach the fundamental principles of financial literacy, job readiness and entrepreneurship, known as "The CEO Program". CEO has worked with acclaimed professors and business leaders to develop 300+ interactive learning modules on topics such as: bank accounts, money management, budgeting, credit/debit cards, resume building, interviewing, taxes, interest, saving, investing, credit scores and business planning. The corresponding platform, CEO Connect, delivers a world class, online learning experience available anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or personal computer.