SandboxAQ Collaborates with More Than 30 Universities

SandboxAQ has formed relationships with more than 30 major universities and other educational organizations and has hit key milestones in co-training masters and PhD students with universities in AI, quantum, cyber and other key technologies.

"We realized that the increasing industry demand for advanced technologies would result in a severe shortfall of highly skilled AI and quantum tech talent. To address this, SandboxAQ forged partnerships with some of the world's top universities to create a steady pipeline of talent and prepare graduates for cutting-edge jobs throughout the quantum industry," said Jack Hidary, CEO of SandboxAQ. "In addition to working with universities, we are providing training to corporate partners to upskill their workforces in AI and quantum technologies."

SandboxAQ has built relationships with dozens of universities across many countries. These institutions collaborate with SandboxAQ - either formally or informally - to expand their AI, quantum and STEM curricula; host educational seminars; and provide students and postdoctoral researchers with grants, fellowships, mentorship, and hands-on experience working with cutting-edge AQ solutions. SandboxAQ has trained hundreds of graduate students and postdocs from 15 countries via its Residency Program, which embeds students directly into a SandboxAQ team using AQ technologies to solve real-world business and societal challenges.

SandboxAQ's university relationships include:

  • Residency Program: Students hosted from more than 17 universities including Imperial College London, University of Edinburgh, and other leading institutions
  • Curriculum Development at four higher-ed organizations including New York University (NYU) and University of Mondragon
  • Grants to The City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center
  • Fellowships to faculty and students: University of California Merced, University of Mondragon and three others
  • Talks/Seminars at The City University of New York (CUNY), New York University, Czech Technical University and many more

"SandboxAQ's residency program provides valuable opportunities for students and researchers to explore exciting career and commercial opportunities in quantum – across a broad range of industries, technologies and academic disciplines – that complement what they get from a more traditional, university education," said Dr. Andrew A. Houck, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Associated Faculty in Physics at Princeton University. "Programs like this will help shape the future of the quantum industry, exposing students to what's possible now and encouraging them to push beyond those boundaries after they graduate."

The company is also seeking to collaborate with other leading corporations to educate and train employees on cutting-edge AI and quantum technologies.

"AI and quantum technologies will continue to transform asset management, and we are investing in learning and upskilling opportunities for our crew to enable them to meet the complex needs of our of clients and give investors the best chance for investment success," said Nitin Tandon, Chief Information Officer of Vanguard's Information Technology division.

Global systems integrators such as EY and Deloitte have also joined forces with SandboxAQ to help upskill Global 1000 workforces and take advantage of new opportunities in AQ.

"EY teams work closely with SandboxAQ, an organization that shares our unwavering commitment to fostering opportunities for women in STEM and entrepreneurship," says Dr. Kristin Gilkes, EY Global Quantum Leader. "Working in an industry where gender representation remains a challenge, we at EY recognize the vital importance of championing diversity and inclusivity. SandboxAQ's dedication to empowering women aligns seamlessly with our core values."

SandboxAQ's other education partnerships include:

  • Diversity in Quantum (DiviQ) provides career support, mentorship, events, resources and safe spaces for underrepresented groups in the quantum ecosystem, including women, people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community. The SandboxAQ founding partnership provides DiviQ members with grants to attend or speak at industry events.

"DiviQ is proud to partner with SandboxAQ and advance our joint mission to bring more diversity and inclusion to the quantum ecosystem," said Denise Ruffner, founder of DiviQ and President of Women in Quantum. "To achieve its fullest potential, the quantum ecosystem needs greater diversity in skills, education and talents, but also in perspectives and life experiences. With the help of sponsors like SandboxAQ, DiviQ creates opportunities for underrepresented groups to expand their careers surrounded by others like them and learn about their careers, and their research."

  • Womanium is a DC-based non-profit organization that works with US government agencies and industry in advanced scientific and technological sectors to prepare and advance scientific talent and leadership globally. Womanium's Global Quantum Program brings scientists, CEOs and industry leaders together to train 2,000+ participants, nearly 50% women, from 70+ countries in Quantum Computing, Sensing and Communication. SandboxAQ is a key collaborator and partner in the Global Quantum Program.

"SandboxAQ is dedicated to propelling the adoption of Quantum and AI technologies. Womanium becomes a natural partner, as Womanium equips the global workforce with strong quantum skills and the vision to shape the innovations of the future. With SandboxAQ's support, Womanium will ignite the quantum journeys of young talent all over the world," said Dr. Marlou Slot, Womanium's Quantum Head, who is a quantum researcher in the daytime and spends her evenings inspiring and training thousands of young women to be scientific leaders and entrepreneurs.

  • Tech Trek provides an exciting and engaging one-week summer camp for middle school girls in nine states, featuring hands-on science and technology classes, fun and educational field trips, opportunities to meet inspiring women role models, and a unique college campus experience. In addition to sponsorship, many women at SandboxAQ volunteer their time to design and facilitate AQ activities including participating in their career night.