Spalding University Unveils Initiative to Bridge the Skills Gap

Spalding University recently unveiled a new initiative specifically designed to increase student access to the region’s fast-growing tech industry. The program empowers current students, alumni, community members, and university staff to gain valuable credentials that major tech companies such as AWS, Salesforce, CompTIA, and Pega seek in new hires. 

Recent research indicates that the state of Kentucky is expecting its tech sector to see significant job growth over the next decade as more and more tech companies migrate from the coasts. With the anticipated increase in demand for tech skills, there is a need to cultivate qualified talent. Spalding University recognizes this need and intends to address the issue through the partnership SkillStorm.

"With industry leaders in logistics and health care growth in our local Louisville area, we know that more and more graduates across all majors need to be prepared with technology skills,” said Dr. Donna Elkins, Associate Dean of Online Education. “Partnering with SkillStorm provides Spalding University with the opportunity to give our graduates the current technology skills they need to compete for jobs across all sectors in our area."

This partnership between the university and the tech talent accelerator aims to bridge the talent gap in Kentucky by making credentialing programs easier to access and more readily available. Through SkillStorm’s platform, members of the Spalding community will now have access to a range of courses to prepare for certifications such as AWS Cloud Practitioner, CompTIA Network+, and Salesforce Developer. The program also provides courses that instill foundational skills on topics such as Java and object-oriented programming. The initiative will not only expand, but truly enhance Spalding’s existing Continuing Education, certificate, and non-degree program opportunities, arming students with qualifying, in-demand skills. 

”Spalding's mission to meet the needs of the times includes being sure that our students graduate with the knowledge and professional skills to succeed in today's workforce," Dr. Elkins continues. “Skillstorm's unique model is enabling us to deliver tech credential and certification programs that maximize our students' potential for post-graduate success, and elevate anyone in the Spalding community with skills needed by employers across the Commonwealth.”

SkillStorm’s certification courses are specifically tailored to accommodate students and professionals at any stage of their academic or career journey. The courses are designed with demanding schedules in mind, permitting students to attend when convenient while still providing access to one-on-one training from industry-certified instructors.

“Spalding University is located at the heart of an emerging tech hub, making it all the more important to provide critically needed tech skills development programs for students and community members,” said Joe Mitchell, COO at SkillStorm. “By joining forces with Spalding to offer training in the most in-demand tech skills, we’re better preparing students and workers for Kentucky’s economic future — and closing the talent gap to accelerate the growth of the state’s tech industry.”