Amdocs tops Counterpoint’s ranking of eSIM orchestration

Counterpoint Research has named all the top players in embedded SIM (eSIM) orchestration, and it found Amdocs was the leader in the category.

It said Moflix and Lotusflare were emerging as leaders. And it named IDEMIA, Truphone, 10T Tech, Thales, G+D and Workz as “specialists,” partnering with different players to offer eSIM orchestration solutions.

Redtea Mobile, Oasis Smart SIM, Nokia, Ericsson, HPE, Valid, Achelos and Kigen are considered dark horses.

Counterpoint said Amdocs emerged as the leader in eSIM orchestration because it was the most well-rounded player in terms of the completeness of its platform.

Counterpoint evaluated the companies using its proprietary CORE framework, which ranks players on a broad range of criteria, such as BSS/OSS integration, security, interoperability, self-service and success in the ecosystem.

Counterpoint chart

Senior Research Analyst Ankit Malhotra stated, “2022 was a landmark year for the global eSIM ecosystem. More than 260 MNOs/MVNOs now support eSIM, and the average device support by carriers is also more than 30.”

Counterpoint Research Vice President Neil Shah said, “Amdocs has built partnerships across the eSIM value chain, which helps the company translate its advantages in products and solutions into success in the ecosystem.”

Shah said Moflix and Lotusflare also scored excellently across parameters such as lifecycle management, interoperability, analytics and self-serve capabilities.

Earlier this year, Counterpoint published the top players in eSIM Enablement. Those were G+D, Thales and IDEMIA.

eSIM technology has been around for years, but it finally took off in 2022 after Apple made its new iPhone 14 eSIM-only.

After Apple’s move, all the U.S. carriers began touting their eSIM applications. For years, everyone thought that the big carriers were opposed to eSIM because it makes it easier for their subscribers to switch to other providers. But it may turn out that eSIM is a benefit to carriers because it allows customers to set up their own phones and service more easily – saving on customer service costs.