The Five Nine podcast: EdgeQ's Adil Kidwai, VP & Head of Product on how chipsets, AI and FWA are boosting CSP growth

EdgeQ is a relative newcomer in the industry, having been founded five years ago, but it has made significant strides in addressing technology needs to deliver advanced networks for users and enterprises alike. Adil Kidwai, VP & Head of Product, joins the Five Nine Podcast to discuss some of the key trends and challenges ahead for the industry, and how a chipset vendor such as EdgeQ plays a pivotal role in driving growth.

The discussion starts by referring to the difficult past few years for chipset supply chains, and where we are today. Adil admits it was difficult during COVID to maintain supply across the industry but is encouraged to see a return to normal.

However, the real interest (predictable perhaps for a forward-thinking VP of Product) is in what’s next. EdgeQ has been a strong proponent of FWA and notes the positive results CSPs have seen in its deployment, capturing new subscribers and reaching under-served areas. Adil makes the point that it is really a technology in ascendency, and its quality, affordability and reach will inevitably improve.

Additionally, Adil makes the case for the important role that small cells will play in increasingly complex and densified 5G networks. Their flexibility, ease of deployment in complex urban scenarios, as well as their improved energy consumption and capacity make them an important, if not essential, tool for carriers rolling out their networks going forward.

Another key development area for the industry is AI. Whilst we are all talking about it, it is difficult to gauge how ready we are for it as an industry, and how effectively it is going to be deployed. Adil reckons we are at the start of the process, with greater benefits and use cases yet to be unlocked. However, his optimism is apparent. As an industry, he reckons, we are making the right steps to use AI in a way that benefits our networks and the subscribers and enterprises they serve.