The Five Nine Podcast: Christopher Casarrubias, Head of Regulatory & Government Affairs, LAC, OneWeb

With recent development in Low Earth Orbit satellite technology and launches, alongside strong investment from investors, satellite is becoming a competitive connectivity option across the globe. Once seen as an extravagant, expensive and scarce technology, it is now moving away from being seen as a last-resort connectivity solution. OneWeb's recently announced merger with Eutelsat will likely drive this vision forward, allowing for a global LEO and GEO satellite network to serve more communities and businesses.

Christopher Casarrubias is the Head of Regulatory and Government Affairs for Latin America and the Caribbean at OneWeb, a company focused on deploying LEO satellites to provide connectivity around the globe. The company plays an important role in driving connectivity in often difficult-to-reach areas, and Latin America is, naturally, not exempt. With remote communities and rugged terrain, it is a region ripe for innovation to bridge the digital divide and bring connectivity to all, and satellite connectivity seems poised to address that issue.

During the interview, Christopher highlights the need for strong and favorable regulation driving investment in new technology to reach everyone. However, Latin America is a diverse continent, with changing governments, regulations, and priorities. Yet the strong purpose behind OneWeb’s mission is at the heart of the effort to bring regulation and investment together to drive the adoption of satellite services. Whilst there are numerous challenges to overcome, Christopher believes the opportunity for satellite connectivity in the region, and the benefits it will bring to individuals and communities is too great to ignore.

OneWeb has been actively building a wide net of partnerships at a global scale to help MNOs and broadband players deliver connectivity beyond their existing terrestrial networks. Recent announcements include partnerships with Orange, Veon, and BT, among others to help them enhance global connectivity for customers, new and existing.

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