The Five Nine Podcast: Leighton Carroll, CEO of Galtronics talks multibeam antenna tech and more

We’ve all been there – crowded arenas, outdoor events, and busy city centers. Get your phone out of your pocket, full bars. But it just doesn’t seem to work.

Network congestion is a problem that has plagued cellular service since its inception. Venues, carriers and the industry have been in search of a solution to dealing with bursts of traffic since the early days of telecommunications. DAS, beacons, small cells and even mobile antennas on vehicles are common fixtures of modern venues and festivals. However, whether it be due to cost, large footprint or technical complications, none of these solutions seem to have addressed the issue completely.

On this week’s episode of The Five Nine, we catch up with Leighton Carroll, CEO of Galtronics. During this extensive interview, Leighton speaks of the merits of multibeam antenna technology to drive customer experience and allow for greater connectivity for users in crowded spaces or events. The technology, according to Leighton, has come a long way, and it is cost-effective and limited in size, two key considerations for venue owners.

The benefit, however, is not only to the end user. As Leighton points out, venues have a lot to gain from providing flawless connectivity. Large acts make very specific demands on this point, and not being able to provide it might be the difference between booking top shows or losing them to a competing location.

Finally, Leighton looks ahead. Yes, we are doing better with connectivity and managing traffic surges, but there is work to be done. He touts not only hardware but also software as part of the solution. With increased AI and ML capabilities, networks will be better able to make automated decisions to direct traffic, and hopefully alleviate cellular traffic jams for more.

Host: Alejandro Pinero

Producers: Matt Rickman and Samantha Bookman