Mavenir, AWS deliver cloud-based 5G functions to telcos

Mavenir is collaborating with Amazon Web Services to offer cloud-based network functions to telcos. The partners will combine Mavenir’s cloud-native functions for 4G and 5G together with AWS’s computing infrastructure, container technologies and big data analytics.

The goal is to enable telcos to offload some of their network workloads to the public cloud.

Specifically, Mavenir’s cloud-native open RAN, packet core, IMS, and messaging will be combined with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) anywhere, supporting AWS Outposts. There will also be options for existing deployments to migrate Mavenir’s IMS core, voice, and messaging to Amazon EKS and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) infrastructure.

AWS will also be able to run Mavenir’s orchestration and network slicing solutions. And the parties will combine their technologies to centrally manage data for network-wide insights and optimization. Mavenir and AWS will also work together to provide private networks and edge deployments.

For its part, Mavenir said that working with AWS will enable it to bring new 5G use cases to the market faster.

Telcos migrate more functions to cloud

Both Mavenir and AWS are vendors for Dish, which is in the process of building its greenfield 5G wireless network.

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Sidd Chenumolu, VP of technology development at Dish, said in a statement this week, “The collaboration with Mavenir and AWS allows us to build out our 5G network and messaging platforms in a true cloud-native manner, harnessing the speed and agility that the AWS cloud brings along with Mavenir’s expertise in deploying and operating cloud-native network functions.”

Mavenir will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this summer. As part of its presence at the show, Mavenir is working with Danielle Royston, who purchased a huge space to host a Cloud City exhibition.

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Royston said the recent announcement that Dish is using AWS to host its RAN and core software for its new 5G network is a sign that telcos are finally starting to take advantage of the public cloud. “The story maybe caught the industry by surprise,” she said, but “it’s happening now.”